Entrepreneurship in our soul 

It is a fact that not every good idea can find a source in today's world. Nokta Yatırım Venture Capital has been created to help bring environmentally friendly, human-friendly, innovative projects and ideas to life.  In this context, our main goal is to share our experience that will not only meet the capital needs of the promising invention or inventions, which are considered as a need in the market, and extend to the research, development, marketing and sales process, but also will bring new horizons to them. 

The SCOUTIUM project, which was established to create a digital football scouting platform, is supported by this philosophy. Scoutium creates a great synergy by pooling users, players and clubs. Every user can discover a new player as a scout, each player can improve himself by examining the match videos and analysis, and the clubs can choose the most suitable players by watching the videos and match analysis. Thanks to Scoutium's unique business model, clubs and football players have the chance to come together under one roof. You can download the Scoutium app from Google Play or Apple Store