Turkey's growth story is our story...

Şeref Sürmen had achieved many milestones for the development of our country since the moment he started his business life. He engaged in crucial sectors as part of the reconstruction of Turkey. He was one of the first founding members of Ankara Chamber of Industry.

Suat Sürmen, who took over the flag from his father and became one of the highest taxpayers thank to his success in business life, founded Nokta Yatırım Holding in 1988 with Hasan Malik Keçecioğlu. Nokta Investment Holding believed in the importance of exports for our country to have a strong economy. In line with the target it has set for this purpose, the company became one of the important food exporters of our country until 1994.

Nokta Investment, which prioritizes the needs of the country, has started its investments in the field of Renewable Energy, which is indispensable to bring cheap and clean energy to the country, considered as the most important criterion for the development, growth of our country and increasing our level of welfare. It has become one of the strongest players of Turkish Energy Industry with the plant in operation with the installed capacity of 160 MW and the plant in development phase with storage capability with the installed capacity of 350 MW, where the company holds the ownership or some shares. It provided new resources to our country with the acquisition of Europe's largest fertilizer factory and port in Romania. The company contributed and will continue to contribute the plots owned, to economy in order to cover the needs of Turkish Real Estate sector. Many buildings developed and implemented by the company, now host dozens of industry, technology, construction and food companies. 

In order to make use of its experience gained in the chemical and fertilizer industry, it has started its efforts to establish an industrial facility in the United States of America, which will operate in the fertilizer sector with approximately 2000 employees.