I gained the work discipline, industriousness, enthusiasm and love of serving the country as an industrialist from my father, with whom I started to work with while I was studying. With this excitement, we have engaged in many sectors from industry to energy, from textiles to real estate, from exports to investment abroad. 

The growth and development of our country has always been our principle in the development of our company. There is no job that cannot be overcome with knowledge and experience. We will take firm steps forward thanks to our employees' close follow-up of innovations, diligence, enthusiasm and business discipline. We continue to invest in new areas by using both our spirit and our past experiences with our intuition. At this point, we highlight the digital transformation required in our age in all of our activities.

We have invested in our country within the framework of our sustainable growth target and we continue to do so. While planning our new investments, we determine our road map by taking into account the economic, social or geopolitical conditions of our age. The investments we have made in the field of Renewable Energy in order to reduce the foreign trade deficit, one of the biggest problems of our country, have started to bring results. In this context, our investments will continue to increase. 

Our Venture Capital Company has started its operations to invest in startups that enable new business models by using technology in the international arena. Our goal is to identify and invest in new generation initiatives that are pioneering and sustainable. Our Technology Investments it is the new line of business that we will operate in addition to our investments in the Energy, Real Estate, Defense Industry and Construction sectors and will add a new momentum to our current activities. Our company will continue to develop with its visionary and entrepreneurial spirit. Our main goal is to add value to our employees and stakeholders, especially in our country, and to open new horizons for ourselves and our country. 

My sincere regards and greetings.